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Casa del Clown

Casa del Clown

A dream that can come true

The aim of the Clown House is to be a center for humor, a place where, even when it’s raining, one can laugh. But not only: it will be a place where children can watch burlesque theater, puppet shows, theater with figures, and dramatizations of fairy tales – where children can be actors, learn how to make masks, and have free rein with acrobatics and juggling. Meanwhile, their parents can study and immerse themselves in humor. The space will also include a “Museo Comico” showcasing Dimitri’s extensive collection of masks, musical instruments, drawings, objects for clowning around, photos, posters, books, and costumes, among others. The park surrounding the center, which has already been realized, features a variety of sculptures of different artists, who have given form to the ridiculous, to the clownish, to the comic, in whichever form they choose – abstract, figurative, absurd, or surreal.
Adults will also be able to participate in performances with the children, make masks with them, put on make-up themselves or let others put make-up on them, discover what it feels like to be behind a mask. In addition, the center will include a large collection of videos and DVDs as well as a library centered upon the theme of clowns, humor, healthy laughter, and comic theater.

There will also be documentation about the most important clowns of all time, who will hold a place of honor in the Clown House.
Comedy will be presented in a simple and illustrative manner, and humor will be shown through painting, literature, and music. Acts of clownery play a fundamental role in world theater and will be shown both through theatrical means and in film, such as Japanese Kyogen theater, the genius of Karl Valentin, and all the great comics of cinema.
Thanks to the proximity of the Scuola Teatro Dimitri one will be able to enjoy the commedia dell’arte, all manner of clownishness, games without words, and live burlesque scenes.

The principal idea of the center is not only to interpret comedy, showing its many faces, but also to transmit, encourage, and support its growth and development, above all in children and adolescents. The children who come here on vacation, as well as the children who live here, will be able to develop their creative and comic potential all year round.

In the meanwhile the park has been realised.

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