Masha Dimitri "La Coeurdonnière"

Masha Dimitri is “La Coeurdonnière”

If your heart is broken, heavy or made out of stone, then Masha Dimitri and her little helper Cléo, a puppet, will surely be able to repair it. Your heart will then be happy or open again, or become as light as a feather. Everything is possible in this circus world full of magic: a […]

Piazza Clown Dimitri

A square for Dimitri

From October 7th to the 8th, 2017, the town of Terre di Pedemonte celebrated autumn with the event “Tre Terre d’autunno in festa” and unveiled the new name of the main square of Verscio. To honor the artist, its name was changed to Piazza Clown Dimitri.

Stagione autunnale

Autumn season 2017 preview

At the Teatro Dimitri, autumn will officially begin on the 3rd of September with a show by Liceactor, the theatre group of the cantonal high school of Locarno. Directed by Emmanuel Pouilly, “Vortex” tells the story of a school class dealing with the abuse of power.


Night apéro to honour Dimitri

Night apéro to honour Dimitri In remembrance of Dimitri, we will hold a night “apéro” with live music at the Parco del Clown on the 19th of July 2017 at 23.00, after the Big Family Show of the Teatro sotto le stelle.