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A last goodbye to Gunda Dimitri

A last goodbye to Gunda Dimitri

Unfortunately, Gunda Dimitri passed away on May 16th, 2020.

Her smile and many loving memories will forever be in the hearts of all coworkers of the Teatro Dimitri. They are all grateful to Gunda and her husband Clown Dimitri for the everlasting cultural center full of passion and creativity that they created here in Verscio. A legacy that will forever be honored.

Born in Basel in 1934, Gunda grew up in Zurich. When she was young, she worked as a ceramist in Denmark. Later, she worked in her father Jenö Salgo’s jewelry atelier in Zurich, where she also studied at a drama school.

After meeting Dimitri many years before, as a young girl, during a summer camp in Morgins, Gunda met him again in Zurich in 1960. Their deep love for one another and for art would make the couple become inseparable thereafter.

In Verscio, Gunda and Dimitri initially founded the Teatro Dimitri in 1971. Four years later, together with Richard Weber, they established the Scuola Teatro Dimitri, nowadays Accademia Teatro Dimitri. Gunda was the first Director of both institutions, contributing to their success, which allowed them to become unmatched in the artistic field, in Ticino and in Switzerland.