Amici del Teatro Dimitri

Amici del Teatro Dimitri

We are very close to our friends, since it’s only with friends that one can aim high.

Were you aware that the Teatro Dimitri is financed by friends and a foundation? It’s thanks to these small and large contributions that our theatre is able to manage its extensive programme. In order to create new shows and invite artists from all over of the world, we need your help.

With a contribution starting from 100.-SFr. per year, you will receive:
• Information about our activities at regular intervals;
• Our monthly programme free of charge;
• Invitations to the premiérs of our productions;
• Invitations to the rehearsals of the Accademia Teatro Dimitri;
• 10 % reduction on all our performances.

Starting from 600,-SFr per year, you will also receive a free entry for all of our shows, therefore you can watch ca. 50 guest performances, as well as our own productions – a total of ca. 190 shows!

And starting from 1000.-SFr. per year, your name will be inscribed in the panel of sponsors displayed in the foyer of the theatre.

Obviously your contribution could vary from year to year.

Join the “Amici del Teatro Dimitri”!