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Tommaso Giacopini & Sébastien Olivier

Tommaso Giacopini

Tommaso Giacopini & Sébastien Olivier


Tommaso Giacopini and Sébastien Olivier in concert at the Teatro Dimitri.

“Noi umani amari mari” is a performance in Italian, with songs and poetry, and it was conceived by Tommaso Giacopini. It is introspective and melancholic, sometimes even biting. By means of an excellent composition and introducing latest news, as well as intimate topics, the goal is to make people think about life and the values of our era.

A journey made of impressions and expressions, joy and sorrow, questions and misunderstandings is born out of the twist of song and poetry. The show is also full of irony, something we need to face everyday life.

The lyrics were written by Tommaso Giacopini, who also plays the guitar. Sébastien Olivier’s creative genius follows his music with the piano. Both actors/musicians skilfully put together the tiles of this elaborate mosaic.

The show lasts for about one hour and twenty minutes. 

Tommaso Giacopini was born in Lugano in 1993. He is an actor, songwriter, dancer and poet. He graduated in Physical Theatre at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri and he is currently carrying on his studies and works in London. He created a series of performances of which “Noi Umani Amari Mari” is the last chapter. He also won the Premio RSI S-Quot Showtime 2016 as best rising musician of the Italian Part of Switzerland and he was a finalist of the poetry section of the Fabrizio De André contest.

Sébastien Olivier was born in Strasbourg in 1989. He is a theatre actor, musician and dancer. He is also  a lute maker and graduated at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri. Currently, he is part of the “Théâtre de l’Agrume” and  “Cie Neurone Moteur” theatre companies. He works with pianist Caspar Guyer and his quartet “Forbofurbo”.

December 10 2016


Date: December 10, 2016
Time: 20:30


Caraa du Teatro Dimitri 1
Verscio, Ticino 6653 Switzerland

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