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Mask workshop with Floriana Frassetto (MUMMENSCHANZ) and public performance

Floriana Frassetto - Workshop

Mask workshop and public performance

We build a mask from everyday materials
With: Floriana Frassetto (MUMMENSCHANZ)

The participant makes his/her own mask according to his/her imagination. Craftsmanship is not a must, as each one of us can build something – that can even be used again in future – out of everyday objects, ex. water carriers, etc.

Necessary items (tools, adhesives, etc.) will be brought along by Floriana Frassetto. Mimetic skills are dealt with. Time is taken for relaxation and warm-up, for collecting one’s thoughts and getting accustomed to the mask. Then only, individual and collective improvisations may start on stage.

Later, a spontaneous story is first rehearsed then played as a short programme. People are welcome to come and watch, yet only the short programme, the workshop being the main concern.

Workshop for: everybody
Age: 6 to 99 years
Duration: 4 hours
Material: supplied by MUMMENSCHANZ

Registration: or 091 796 25 44 until Thursday, 6 of October (max. 30 participants).

September 23 2016


Date: September 23, 2016
Time: 08:00 - 17:00