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Convegno «Comicità23»: Jos Houben

Jos Houben

Convegno «Comicità23»: Jos Houben

The Art of Laughter

Alone on stage, Jos Houben gives a conference of a particular kind, between philosophy and anthropology. He dissects the mechanisms of laughter, analyses their causes and their effects. Nothing resists the lucid insight of his exposé: our facial expressions, our gestures, our behaviour… all carry a comic potential that the expert eye and the astute talent of this comedian transpose on stage, revealing their burlesque and absurd character.
For a whole hour Jos Houben examines this precision mechanics of laughter through numerous examples taken from our daily life. From the first steps of a baby to our ways of walking, from the way someone trips in a restaurant to how we pronounce the name of a cheese, he reveals all the minute elements, often imperceptible, that make us laugh.
Jos Houben, who has presented this show in English in a great number of counties, has been able to prove that laughter is indeed peculiar to human beings.

60 min. | In English | Conference / Clown

Ticket prices: Adults CHF 35.–, Students CHF 15.–, Children up to the age of 14 CHF 10.–
Discounts on adult tickets for multiple performances during the “Comedy23” Convention: ask at the box office.

March 25 2023


Date: March 25
Time: 20:30


Teatro Grande

Caraa du Teatro Dimitri 1
Verscio, Ticino 6653 Switzerland


+41 91 252 14 00