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Acqua – Il Musical

Acqua - Il Musical

Teatro lo Sgambetto

Acqua – Il Musical

Socio-cultural project produced entirely in Ticino. The result of a theater workshop supported by professionals. Inspired by the true story of Radwan.


A journey through the pitfalls of the desert and the sea in search of a better place. A park, a mirror of a humanity dense with contradictions, passions and illusions. Inspired by the true story of Radwan, a Somali boy who came to Switzerland eight years ago.

“A wanderer finds a diary. Inside it are stories and poems by a stranger from afar. It is Radwan’s diary. The words flow from the pages and captivate the protagonists by instilling a strange, powerful and mysterious desire to change course.”

Written and directed by Melanie Häner
Co-directing and co-writing script: Ruben Moroni

Poems: Radwan Kayse
Original music: Max Pizio, Melanie Häner
Set design: Antonella Gabrielli
Costumes: Hatice Sagdic, Emine Sagdic
Light Designer: Christoph Siegentahler
Sound Engineering: Jonas Macullo

On stage: the 16-actor theater group of Lo Sgambetto Theatre Association, formed through important workshop work.

With the outside participation of Enrico Ballardini, Umberto Banti, Giovanni Baraglia and Ettore Chiummo.

The Aktè Ensemble:

Elias Nardi | oud
Claudio Farinone | flamenco guitar, baritone, electric guitar
Fausto Beccalossi | accordion
Marco Conti | double bass, electric bass
Igor Tiozzo | vibraphone, percussion
Paolo Pasqualin | drums, glockenspiel, percussion
Federico Melis | piano
Barbara Zanichelli | vocals
Beatrice Pellegrino | vocals

Max Pizio | direction, sound designer, winds, wave drums, keyboards

Ages 7 and up | 100 min. | In Italian

Ticket prices: Adults CHF 45.–, Retired persons CHF 35.–, Students CHF 25.–, Children up to the age of 12 CHF 12.–

October 01 2023


Date: October 1, 2023
Time: 14:00


Teatro Grande

Caraa du Teatro Dimitri 1
Verscio, Ticino 6653 Switzerland


+41 91 252 14 00