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Accademia Dimitri – Festival Master: Paula Ardila

Accademia Dimitri – Festival Master

Paula Ardila “Tulia”

At ten o’clock at night, the order to abandon came violently. The fog masked everything. With screams and machetes, she was forced to leave her house. From the mountains, dogs came down barking, angry, with lights piercing the fog, surrounding her.
Resistance was forbidden. She heard the sound of running boots and the metallic rattle of hungry weapons. Silence. In those days, there had been a whisper on the mountains: “They’re going to take us all out”.
Tulia had her arms spread wide, her hands clutching the land: as she was trembling, the land was trembling. When she let go of her hands, the land continued to tremble, shaken by the cries of those who would be dispossessed again and again.
And then Tulia understood.

Performance and Dramaturgy
Paula Ardila

External Eye
Carla Vellio

Costume design
Ana Cecilia Falivene

45 min

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May 15 2022


Date: May 15
Time: 17:00


Teatro Grande

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Verscio, Ticino 6653 Switzerland


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