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Teatro Dimitri

Verscio, a charming village typical of the canton Ticino situated near Ascona and Locarno, possesses a rare pearl that is unique in Ticino: a cultural centre of international standing and fame. A cultural centre that boasts a theatre school and a permanent theatre with two stages, a company and a museum.

It is a special meeting place for established actors, performers making their début, theatre lovers, visitors of the museum, artists, people interested in culture and tourists from all over the world.

One can also try various local specialities in the theatre's restaurant while participating directly in the cultural and artistic lives of the people who fill the stage.

In 1971 no permanent theatre existed in Ticino. For Dimitri and his wife Gunda this was a challenge and they decided to establish their own theatre in the centre of the village of Verscio.

The Teatro Dimitri became the meeting-place where the clown Dimitri and his fellow artists, actors, musicians, dancers, jugglers, illusionists and animal tamers were able to present their shows.

A buvette was attached to the theatre, and whether you just called in for a drink or two or maybe for a chat with an artist after his show, it became a stock exchange of ideas for patrons and artists alike.

However, the first auditorium offered 100 seats only. Therefore, a permanent lack of space and financial difficulties were the order of the day.


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03.06.2016, dalle ore 17:00: Jabrome DJ Team @ Notte Bianca @ Teatro Dimitri:
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Notte Bianca @ Teatro Dimitri! Unitevi a noi per l’inizio della nuova stagione il 3 giugno 2016!
DJ set, concerto jazz, festa tango e aperitivo | Restate sintonizzati per maggiori informazioni durante i prossimi giorni!
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29.05.2016, 18:00, Teatro Dimitri
Mime Actor Carlos Martínez – TIME TO CELEBRATE

Great pantomime from Spain!
Website: http://goo.gl/rMGZ5C
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28.05.2016, 20:30, Teatro Dimitri
I Wayan Wija – NELL’OMBRA DEGLI DEI E DEI CLOWN (Im Schatten der Götter und Clowns)

Fantastico teatro d’ombre da Bali – La città degli Dei.
Wonderful shadow theatre from bali – The island of Gods.

Website: http://dalangwija.blogspot.ch/
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27.05.2016, 20:30, Teatro Dimitri
Nina Dimitri e Silvana Gargiulo – CONCERTO RUMORISTICO

Music & comedy.

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