Two stages (Teatro Grande and Piccolo Teatro) for home and guest performances
The theatre is open practically all year, high season: March to the beginning of November

Teatro Grande – 186 seats, Piccolo Teatro – 83 seats

Stage dimensions:
Teatro Grande – 10m x 6m (7m)
Piccolo Teatro – 4m x 4m
The theatres and the restaurant attached can also be rented for private use.

Technical details of the Teatro Grande

Width: (wall to wall) 10,2 m
Depth: normal stage 6,0 m
with 1m extension 7,0 m
Height of stage: 1 m

186 seats
tiered seating

Download the technical rider of the Teatro Grande in English (PDF). 
Téléchargez le technical rider du Teatro Grande en français (PDF). 

Technical details of the Piccolo Teatro

Width: (wall to wall) 3,7 m
Depth: normal stage 3,45 m
With extension (eg. for workshops) 7,7 m
Space above stage: vaulted 2,0-3,2 m

with normal stage 83 seats
with extension 63 seats
tiered seating