Gunda Dimitri's sculptures

Gunda Dimitri’s works on display

Gunda Dimitri's works on display The Grunder Perren gallery in Adligenswil in the Canton of Lucerne will host an exhibition of the harmonious sculptures that Gunda Dimitri created with natural materials like wood, silver, stones and gems.
Festa di inizio estate

Summer starts with a smile

Despite the uncertain weather and the “Notte Bianca” in Locarno, a lot of people attended our party on the 2nd of June.

Masha Dimitri "La Coeurdonnière"

Masha Dimitri is “La Coeurdonnière”

If your heart is broken, heavy or made out of stone, then Masha Dimitri and her little helper Cléo, a puppet, will surely be able to repair it. Your heart will then be happy or open again, or become as light as a feather. Everything is possible in this circus world full of magic: a […]