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Sandro Schneebeli, Neneh Alexandrovic, Oliver Kühn (Monsieur O.) – SOUNDS IN THE DARK

Sandro Schneebeli & Neneh Alexandrovic - Suoni al buio

Sandro Schneebeli, Neneh Alexandrovic, Oliver Kühn (Monsieur O.)

Sounds in the dark

A musical life arc in the dark.

After performing hundreds of concerts in the dark around the world, Sandro Schneebeli starts his eight tour with Neneh Alexandrovic’s delightful and dreamlike voice.

So far, more than ten thousand have attended this unique sensory experience, perceiving sounds, voices, noises and atmospheres in a completely dark room.
By concentrating exclusively on the sense of hearing, the audience can’t be distracted by other occurrences. They feel a sense of peace and the powerful sensations produced by the artists.

Through Sandro and Neneh’s music things that can’t be expressed with only words become audible, creating a bridge between earth and sky. Archaic and playful sounds that remind us of different cultures create a new kind of language in a place that may only exist within our soul.

A warm and charming voice engages with the coloristic and multifaceted nature of the guitar. Different musical instruments suddenly appear, painting new colors.

Everyday’s woes fade away, for a genuine immersion in the deep spheres of our own inwardness.

But how can we dive into darkness?
Monsieur O. will be the one who will guide the audience in the theater before the concert, so that everyone will be able to find their place.

From the age of 8.


Ticket prices: Adults CHF 35.–, Students CHF 22.–, Children up to the age of 14 CHF 12.–

December 12 2020


Date: December 12
Time: 20:30


Teatro Grande

Caraa du Teatro Dimitri 1
Verscio, Ticino 6653 Switzerland


+41 (0) 58 666 67 80