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Accademia Teatro Dimitri LCFF “OMNIA TEMPUS HABENT” (working title)

ATD Creazione Danza

Accademia Teatro Dimitri

LCFF “Omnia tempus habent” (working title)

Lavoro Collettivo di Fine Formazione.

A physical theater piece about life and the time we have at our disposal.
Before the eyes of the audience, young people create new connections, find a new community and try to recreate a home here and now.
Vivaldi’s 4 seasons (which were adapted for this show) and a Hungarian folk song accompany the oeuvre, which is based on the Ecclesiastes’ third chapter, dedicated to King Salomon.

Direction: Borbála Blaskó
Music: Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons, a Hungarian folk song (arrangements: Alessandro La Rocca)
Light: Christoph Siegenthaler
Make-up and costumes supervision: Stephanie Metzner

Play and music: Adrien Borruat, Mayra Bosshard, Dinu Corminboeuf, Vincenzo Inglin, Jeele Johannsen, Audrey Launaz, Noé Menuau, Lennart Naether, Lou Steiger, Martina Stöckli, Eva Luna Thomann, Torry Trautmann, Natasha Vuletic, Larissa Wagenhals.


Ticket prices: Adults CHF 20.–, Students CHF 15.–, Children up to the age of 14 CHF 10.–

September 19 2020


Date: September 19, 2020
Time: 20:30


Teatro Grande

Caraa du Teatro Dimitri 1
Verscio, Ticino 6653 Switzerland


+41 (0) 58 666 67 80